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  • March 2019 | Chicago, IL

    At Advanced Events, we believe in delivering Results that Matter. LaundryCares Literacy Summit had an incredible first Summit attracting attention and gaining momentum; which means expectations are higher, anticipation is mounting and the pressure is on! Our team will take the anxiety out of execution while offering creativity, confidence and leadership to the planning and execution process.


    “Beyond Your Event” methodology has been the core of Advanced Events’ strategic meeting planning philosophy since the company’s inception in 2007. We believe that events are organizations’ most powerful resource when working to influence an audience by communicating important messages. We’ve turned that belief in to a proven process that has been recognized and applauded by Forbes, The Huffington Post and Crain’s Chicago Business. Simply put, your results are at the forefront of each conversation and decision, working incrementally to deliver a well-prepared and executed program.


    To jump directly to the Financial Summary, please click on the password protected link below for a printable PDF document. (The password has been emailed to you directly!) Of course, we know that to completely assess Advanced Events’ fit with your needs, you may need additional texture on who we are, how we think and the methodology we use. For those insights, please peruse this proposal website for client testimonials, case studies, brand promise videos and more.


    We aim to be an extension of your integrity and professionalism and promise to be your partner protecting, promoting and producing your intentions.


    I look forward to continuing the conversation to explore ways that Advanced Events may serve your team.


    Best Regards,


    Rachel Y Nielsen, CMP

    President and Founder

    Advanced Events, Inc.

  • The Advanced Events’ Advantage


    Strategy drives execution

    We know that if there is complete alignment across all of facets that comprise the planning and execution of an event, success is virtually guaranteed. And we know without alignment, chaos is guaranteed.


    Complete Thinking means that every facet delivers Results that Matter.


    The comprehensive, RTM Project Plan codifies how the Complete Thinking approach supports your Results that Matter.


    By focusing on the Results that Matter Beyond Your Event, even the smallest event details support, rather than sabotage, achieving the results that matter.


    Creative Solutions

    Advanced Events’ Complete Thinking approach to event management incorporates both lateral, the sequential process at the core of event planning, and vertical, the strategic process which evaluates the impact of planning decisions on the overall vision for an event, thinking to generate ideas that move the project forward with a purpose.


  • So Why is Advanced Events a Great Partner?


    At Advanced Events we drive better business.

    We believe in supporting a culture of superior results with incredible team dynamics.

    We value a fun and easy work experience geared towards highly professional client engagements that produce Results that Matter.

    Advanced Events Core Values

    Why do our core values matter to you? Because we ensure they permeate every relationship we have - with our staff, our clients, our vendors and even the strangers we may interact with on the way to the an event. We believe that whether you are working with us or for us, you should benefit from the amazing culture we strive to create in everything that we do.


    At the core of who we are are the values below:


    We are people first.

    We create WOW moments internally and externally.

    We are easy and fun partners.

    We own our individual actions and contributions.

    We anticipate needs and get ahead of expectations.

    We demonstrate modesty and humility with confidence.

    AE Core Values at Work

    At Advanced Events, we consider ourselves traffic controllers, safely launching and landing the projects that clients have entrusted to us. Comprised of a variety of experts, each member of the team shines when positioned to showcase their respective talents. Advanced Events encourages creativity and collaboration both in how we think and how we act as a means to help each team member achieve optimal results!

  • How we Think

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  • How can we help?

    Success is measured by the lasting impression your event makes in to the future.

    At Advanced Events, planning and event logistics are just the beginning of the story. We design engagements that reach "Beyond Your Event™" and in to the emotions of your message to create a lasting impact.

    We help you reach the Results that Matter™.



    AE Beyond Your Event

    Logistics are the Paintbrush for the Masterpiece

    Creating Results That Matter takes a whole lot of logistical details to make it happen. This short video explains how the artist sees the finished product long before picking up a paintbrush.

  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Allow us to assist you in your planning process.

    Rachel Nielsen

    President & Founder




    Terry Toro

    Director of Engagement Strategy




    Tyler Evancic

    Director of Operations